Chapelle de Morumbi, Musée de la Ville de São Paulo

Julio Villani

Heaven (As you saw so shall you reap)

Monumetale embroidery, installation site specific

Artistic interventions on the ceilings of religious buildings often represent the promise of a future paradise by starry nights or divine sun rays, clouds laden with cherubs, ascents of the Virgins in majesty. 

The embroidered Paradise proposed by Julio Villani operates a transmutation in this representation: it is an inverted sky, made of worms and lizards, pebbles and dew clouds, constellations of dust that serves here as a celeste vault. The poetry of Manoel de Barros breathes here and there in the composition.

The objects of language are regularly used by the artist as a poetic trap; here, combined with drawings, the texts constitute the narrative ingredients of an emotional territory intended to create a register of reality. 

Because under his candid airs, this is what the artist is talking about: developing the ideal society – our image of paradise on earth – depends on the lines we trace, the traces we leave there. 

Diving in the opposite direction of gravity – planting our feet in the sky, forcing us to turn our faces upwards to read the verses of the poet with his eyes resolutely turned towards the ground – Villani traces, by lines that carry our actions from ground to ground – from sky to sky. a mediation between narration and action.

A slightly transparent veil serves as a support; just enough not to hide what the future has in store for us: there is no isolated paradise from reality that protects us; we harvest what we embroider.

Roberta Saraiva Station

Work realized in the workshop of Lina Bo Bardi, in collaboration with Camila Prado and Flauzina Rocha Ribeiro | NGO Costurando Sonhos, G10, Paraisópolis. Participation: Thais Borducchi, Laura Del'Acqua, Beatriz Cereser, Vinicius Amaral, Pedro Avila, students of the Centro Universitário Belas Artes.