Bonisson Art Center


Soft Power

At the Bonisson Art Center, summer 2022 promises to be creative! This summer period starts in style with the exhibition «Sonamu» by Bae Bien-U and «Soft Power» by Naomi Safran-Hon, featuring the works of the two artists from June 18 to September 25, 2022.

This exhibition is a dialogue between the works in universal language of Bae Bien-U, reflecting the concern to live in harmony with nature and the works of Naomi Safran-Hon, a captivating statement on the fragility of human experiences and the vicissitude of collective identity. 

Naomi Safran-Hon was born in 1984 in Oxford, England and grew up in Haifa, Israel. She now lives and works in New York. His works are compelling statements about the fragility of human experience, the complicity of one’s own nature, and the vicissitude of collective identity. Her creative process lies between drawing, photography, sculpture and painting with a focus on the eternal energy of materials,
encouraging the viewer to see beyond the surface. In «Soft Power», Naomi Safran-Hon’s works are described as paintings. Each work is a synthesis of photography, drawing, sculpture and painting brought together through both historical and fictional perspectives. Her work is a fusion of disparate materials - lace, cement, photographic prints, pigment, acrylic paint, gouache, and various manufactured objects.