SLAG&RX New York

Ioana Gorzo & Dumitru Gorzo

Double Take

SLAG&RX – New York is pleased to announce Double Take, a duo exhibition bringing together the siblings, Ioana Gorzo and Dumitru Gorzo. Employing distinct methods, both artists navigate the continuum that stretches from abstraction to representation.

Ioana Gorzo is an artist whose practice delves into the subtle and intricate negotiation between representation and abstraction. Her artistic journey is marked by a contemplative process where the initial image is only a departure point. Through repetition and gradual abstraction, Ioana Gorzo deconstructs familiar imagery to its most essential forms and emotions. Her method is almost meditative, each stroke and layer serving as a verse in a visual poetry that challenges the viewer's perception. The resulting artworks speak to the transient nature of memory and perception, evoking the ways in which images and experiences are reconstructed in the mind. Through her disciplined approach, Ioana Gorzo creates pieces that fluidly transcend from landscapes and figures to invoke the act of seeing and remembering itself.

Dumitru Gorzo’s artistic practice is an intricate symphony of minimalist aesthetics coupled with a robust dialogue of forms. His palette—though subdued—is animated by a vibrancy that breathes life into each composition, while his adept use of both brush and graphite delivers his vision with a seeming austerity of geometric precision. It is in the taut edges and pronounced corners of his work where faces and forms emerge, oscillating between stark abstraction and a rich tapestry of emotional expression. In this restrained visual language, Gorzo communicates vast narratives, crafting spaces wherein humor and introspection are cradled within the very folds of his minimalist approach. Through these gestural lines and forms, he manages to communicate emotion and thought, prompting viewers into a reflective, personal encounter with the artwork, a dialogue that speaks to the universal human condition while also sourcing intimate truths, unique to each engaged observer.

Despite their seemingly divergent approaches, the artworks of both Gorzo’s converge to explore the intricate nuances of anti-representation, and the dual nature of art in communicating broadly relatable themes as well as touching upon personal, subjective experiences.