Paul Wesenberg


Paul Wesenberg is a german artist, born in 1973. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Paul Wesenberg makes his own work by tearing, breaking and upsetting the codes of the smooth canvas. This "irritated" canvas is no longer the result of a brush making flat areas, but rather the superimposition of materials, of dry skins that surround the tubes of oil paint. He recovers and manipulates the entire artistic process. Wesenberg considers the importance he attaches to the material as a true identity and artistic affirmation. These paint crusts trace lines on his canvases and offer the possibility of seeing landscape forms. The artist even titles his works with names of German landscapes, thus demonstrating his attraction to nature and his environment.


Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


2005-2016 Decorative art and grafic brand architecture for MJM, Samsung, Hugo Boss, SuperTEL, P&G etc. in Kiel (Germany), Malmö, Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland)

2005 Muthesius University of Art, Kiel, Germany


Selected solo exhibitions


Kunstverein Speyer (upcoming)


Städtische Galerie Schwabach (upcoming)

Galerie Künstlerhaus Göttingen (upcoming)

Kunstverein Ottobrunn (upcoming)

Kunstverein Unna (upcoming)


Exotic Homeland, Galerie RX, Paris, FR

Kunstverein Flensburg, DE

Sommerreise, SLAG Gallery, New York, USA 


depot.K, Freiburg, Germany
Paul Wesenberg, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin


Referenzrahmen, Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg, Germany Wunderbilder, Kunstverein Eisenturm Mainz, Germany

Nirgendwo dazwischen, Hohenloher Kunstverein, Langenburg, Germany Museo di Arte Sacra Contemporanea, Sesto al Reghena, IT

Selected group exhibitions


Proximity and Distance, Kunstraum LLC, New York, USA
Sublime Encounters and Other Worlds, Residency Unlimited, New York, USA

Annual group exhibition, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne, Germany 2020 0+255, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany (upcoming)

PR 17 | Groupshow Berlin Art Week 2020


Galerie Nachtspeicher23, Hamburg, Germany

Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof, Berlin, Germany


Preview 2019, Galerie Nachtspeicher23, Hamburg, Germany


Kunst. Spiel. Sport, Landeskulturzentrum Schloß Salzau, Germany 2002 Extrem, Brunswiker Pavillion, Kiel, Germany

Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany


Kollektion II, Galerie im Atrium, Hamburg, Germany Null(Stelle), Projektgalerie Lygnaß, Herne


Reflexion, Brunswiker Pavillion, Kiel, Germany Künstlerhaus-Galerie, Karlsruhe, Germany

Kunstverein Neckar-Odenwald, Mosbach, Germany

44. Landesschau, Nordfriesisches Museum, Husum, Germany


Moderne Grafik, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland Moderne Grafik, Kunstihoone Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia

Awards and Scholarships

Residency Unlimited, New York, USA

LLC Residency, New York, USA


Art Aia Residency, Pordenone, Italy


Art Award "Kunst. Spiel. Sport", Landeskulturzentrum Schloß Salzau, Germany 1995 DAAD-Preis

Catalogues and Publications

Dissonance, Neue Deutsche Malerei, Publication expected in September 2021 at Thames & Hudson, London, UK

Referenzrahmen, Katalog, ISBN 978-3-00-062261-8

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Miracle Pictures - Paul Wesenberg,
Miracle Pictures - Paul Wesenberg,
Paul Wesenberg,