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Fibrous Landscapes

Tamara KOSTIANOVSKY. Fibrous Landscapes

Extension until January 16, 2022


Tamara Kostianovsky's work addresses themes including the environment, violence, and consumer culture, often employing discarded clothing to create visceral and intricate sculptures and installations.

Through alternating softness and aggression, Tamara Kostianovsky's installations identify the nuances of violence between a personal encounter and its normalization on a social and ecological level.

She investigates an entire spectrum from "the readiness we cut into flesh to our society's disregard for all life."

Kostianovsky plays artfully with the tension between attraction and aversion. While the forms of these works suggest various degrees of violence, their materials remind us it's all intimate.

Kostianovsky's work asks for a re-imagination of human rights and environmental redemption models to consider the resultant violence as part of a more extensive, inseparable system.

By creating immersive environments out of the remnants of consumer culture, her work goes beyond trauma enacted onto an individual organism to encompass the pervasive destruction by capitalist consumption on the natural world. Her works create a visual proposition for a future in which images of desecrated bodies are transformed into receptacles of regeneration and rebirth.