Bonisson Art Center

Bae Bien-U


At the Bonisson Art Center, summer 2022 promises to be creative! This summer period starts in style with the exhibition «Sonamu» by Bae Bien-U and «Soft Power» by Naomi Safran-Hon, featuring the works of the two artists from June 18 to September 25, 2022.

This exhibition is a dialogue between the works in universal language of Bae Bien-U, reflecting the concern to live in harmony with nature and the works of Naomi Safran-Hon, a captivating statement on the fragility of human experiences and the vicissitude of collective identity.

Korean photographer born in 1950 in Yeosu, Bae Bien-U lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He has been practicing the art of photography for forty years. Today, he has become unquestionably the greatest Korean photographer. Recognized throughout the world, his works with a universal language reflect above all the concern of the Korean people to live in harmony with nature. Bae Bien-U photographs in panoramic mode a nature inperpetual motion. His emblematic series on sacred trees, the ocean and the Orums - volcanic hills of a Korean island, encourage the viewer’s mind to pause to better escape and meditate in this landscape. Passionate about living things in general and humans in particular, he combined the two fields to make the forest a social theater: the tree as an individual and the forest as a group.