Paris La Défense

Jean-François Fourtou

Les Extatiques

"Les Extatiques"

Open air exhibition

Curated by Fabrice Bousteau


"On the Esplanade of Paris La Défense, one can discover a small popular house with a pointed roof, typical of the Paris region, but lying on its side. Despite its surprising position, everything will be intact, no apparent foundations or traces of destruction will be visible. The house will appear to be a giant toy in the huge city, and visitors' perceptions will be challenged. Through the large windows, they will see all the gravity-defying furniture hanging off to the side.

I always try to create this contrast between the situation and the environment.

So there are two approaches to my work: one that is impactful, visual, immediate and sculptural that visitors will have; the other that is less intimate, linked to the visit to the interior where we find the world of our grandmothers with all the objects hung up.

Jean-François Fourtou